grooming2Our Grooming Salon is open 7.:00am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday

At K9to5 we choose to specialise in small and medium dog breeds. In conjunction with our Dog Day Care facilities in Perth, we also offer dog grooming and styling. Whether it’s a bath and blow dry or a traditional style cut, our staff have the knowledge and versatility to ensure your pooch goes home looking great! All dogs booked in for grooming must be picked up by closing at 2:30pm unless they are attending day care.


  Small Dog Medium Dog Large Dog
Bath and Blow Dry (short hair) $20.00 $25.00 $30.00
Bath and Blow Dry (long hair) $30.00 $35.00 $45.00*
Bath and towel dry (short hair) $15.00 $20.00 $35.00
Bath and towel dry (long hair) $20.00 $25.00 $35.00*
Full Groom $80.00 $90.00


Full Groom with scissor cut/breed styling $90.00* $100.00*


Tidy up (Face, Feet, Tail)*** $60.00 $70.00 $80.00*
De-Shed Treatment $70.00* $80.00* $90.00*
Extra Services:      
 Nail Trimming $10.00
 Ears Cleaned / Plucked $10.00
 Anal Gland Expression $10.00    

 Brush Only (coat in reasonable condition)

 Episoothe or Flea Rinse $5.00    
 Sanitary Trim $5.00    
 Face/Eye Trim $5.00    

 Teeth Brushing ($25 for product purchase or bring own)

$5.00 (thereafter)    
 Nail Polish $5.00    

* Prices starting from.

grooming3** Full groom includes full clip, bath, blow-dry, nails and ear cleaning.

*** Tidy up includes bath, blow dry, face, feet & tail, sanitary trim, nails and ear cleaning.

 Prices may vary. This is based on the time taken, which is affected by condition of coat (matting), scissoring required (breed clips), size and behaviour of the dog.



The Grooming Procedure

grooming5We understand that there are hundreds of styling options that may be appropriate for your pet based on their lifestyle and your wishes. Our professional dog grooming staff have the knowledge to help select the styling options best suited to the breed of your dog and the condition of its coat. Regular brushing and combing will keep your dog matt free and provide you with many more styling options as well as a more comfortable and safer grooming experience for your dog. Removing large, tight matts can be a painful and dangerous task and cannot be ignored due to hygiene practices. Matting encourages skin irritations such as hot spots and wet matts are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria as they cannot be dried or rinsed properly. For correct brushing and home maintenance techniques, please ask one of our skilled staff.

All our professional dog grooming procedures include a bath & blow dry. Bathing is the foundation of good grooming.

Getting a pet really clean is the only way to produce a top quality trim. After bathing, a variety of techniques are used during the drying process to prepare the coat for clipping and/or scissoring. The fur must be straight and fluffy as possible to ensure accuracy and quality; this is known as “fluff” drying. Also included in the dog grooming procedure is nail care, feet/pad trimming, ear cleaning, sanitary trimming and anal glands on request. A fluff dry or tidy up in between haircuts will keep your dog’s coat in top condition, help prevent matting and maintain a manicured presentation.

dog-grooming-natural-foot dog-grooming-hand-scissored-foot
Before : A natural foot  After : A hand scissored foot

The recommended frequency of style cutting for most fine haired, drop coated breeds (Maltese, Shih Tzu, Bichon etc) is 6-12 weeks depending on length and season.

Puppies and Dogs New to Grooming

grooming4If it is your first time getting your dog cut, we recommend they endure a few bath & blow dry’s or tidy ups before introducing them to a puppy cut or all over groom. The process for clipping is long and can overwhelm or traumatise young and inexperienced dogs and prematurely clipping your puppy may change the condition of their soft coat, making it thick and course. We like to gradually introduce our clients to help ensure their time at K9to5 is comfortable and safe. Remember “Humanity before Vanity”.

Appointments & Bookings

To secure a dog grooming appointment, it is best to book a few weeks in advance to avoid prolonging your desired appointment. If you would like multiple appointments, please do not hesitate to book in a few at a time. You can contact our groomers directly on 0415 683 679 or

If your dog is not is not enrolled in Dog Day Care, your dog must be picked up at the end of their appointment. However, if your dog is an active member of K9to5 Dog Day Care, they may attend as per usual. (Regular fees apply). 

Your appointment is needed by others, if you are unable to make your dogs grooming appointment for any reason, please contact K9to5 staff to reschedule. If 24 hours notice is not given a cancellation fee will apply.

If you have further inquiries regarding our professional dog grooming services, our friendly staff can guide you in the right direction.


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