george-spoodle-daycare-grooming-perthWell.. it all started like this, I was 4 months old and I was a super enthusiastic little Spoodle puppy!!!

My parents decided that I needed to burn off a bit more energy.. one walk a day just wasn’t cutting it. My mum and dad work both work full time and let’s face it I was getting bored. This one morning my mum bundled me into the car and off we went. I love riding in the car so that was great. We reached our destination which I didn’t recognise, but I certainly found the smells interesting when I got out of the car…what did I see, more of my kind, big ones, little ones all shapes and sizes.

I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t wait to get into the gate and run and wrestle with the other dogs. Before I realised my mum had left me here. I didn’t mind though. I got to sit in the water bucket, play with so many dogs and being the cute thing I am, I got loads of cuddles from the girls taking care of us all.

Little did I know that this was my first K9to5 daycare day and I loved it. We are one big pack here at K9to5 although I do have my special pals; we all seem to get on alright. I am now nearly 3 years old and every Tuesday and Thursday I arrive at K9to5 daycare for the day with my lunch box ready to go.

Sometimes I even have a bath before I am driven back to my home with some of my pals. This means that my mum and dad don’t have to rush to collect me in peak hour traffic. I love the Pet Taxi, my best friend Bonnie sits in the front and off we go.

By the time I get home, I am pretty tired, but still like a cuddle from my mum and dad and maybe a walk around the block.

I love K9to5 daycare…Tell your mum and dad to drop you off for a day; you might get to play with me!

Written by George the Spoodle, with help from his mum Leah and dad Danny


  • The best money I spend all week. London loves her day care day she is so happy to be there with all the other dogs and the staff are just amazing so friendly and loving to the dogs. London comes home ...

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