molly"Molly it's time to go and see the girls"

Molly loves K9to5 and so do her owners!

We have been taking Molly to K9to5 for approximately 4 years and we'll never go anywhere else. She initially used to turn around when she got to the gate (due to a bad experience elsewhere). After a few visits Molly now goes bounding through the door and seeks out Holly for a hello.

Natika does a magnificent and professional job with Molly's cut and grooming. She comes out looking exactly as we like and so squeaky clean.

Molly does still do her nervous shaking when we first arrive, which results in lots of fussing for the girls – I would say a good princess performance! We recommend K9to5 to all Molly's friends.


  • We are always raving about K9to5 to anyone who will listen as Doggy Daycare has truly been the best thing we have done for our 1 year old "Beans" the Bullmastiff. When we first took Beans to daycare ...

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