k9to5-martinI’ve been taking Martin to K9to5 for grooming every 4-5 weeks since I adopted him two years ago. He is a Dingo Husky cross and the Husky in him means he sheds a lot of hairs, and by a lot - I mean an ASTOUNDING amount.

His groomer Natika does an amazing job with him every time. She baths him, gives him a blow dry, clips his nails when he needs it and then brushes him thoroughly. She never rushes with him and the results always reflect that.

Martin always looks fantastic when I pick him up, and super happy and relaxed too. He loves his visits to K9to5 and gets so excited when I pull off the freeway because he knows exactly where we are going and the fun he is about to have with the whole team. I live in Ellenbrook so it is a 45 minute drive to K9to5, but I do it because of the way Martin is received and treated there. There is a dog groomer business 3 minutes from my house but I’m not investigating that because of the relationship Martin and I have built with K9to5 and their genuine enthusiasm about what they do and the care and empathy they provide.

I’m absolutely stoked to be a client of K9to5. Martin gets a beautiful professional grooming, has the time of his life there and I am super comfortable when he is in their care. We are both massive fans.

Nick Lord-Sole


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