dustyMy name is Dusty and I have been going to K9to5 for three years. Doggie daycare is a busy time for me with all those dogs running around, someone has to herd them. Gee they’re are a lot harder than sheep! But as a city dog I don’t get to chase sheep very much. So, I refine my herding skills at doggy daycare. However, a tennis ball is my weakness – The friendly staff are always kind enough to throw the ball over and over again.

On the way to K9to5 I just can’t help myself and start barking with excitement. It’s a different story on the way home though I can hardly move! I just want my dinner so that I can have a sleep….unless someone wants to play ball again. The next couple of days pass quickly, while I’m recovering. By Friday I can’t wait to get back to day care to see all my doggy pals!

Sometimes on Saturdays my mum and dad attend dog training classes with me at K9to5. I love it! For a clever Border Collie like me there is so much to do and learn and my mum and dad have learnt a few tricks too!

Brad and Ali 


  • I’ve been taking Martin to K9to5 for grooming every 4-5 weeks since I adopted him two years ago. He is a Dingo Husky cross and the Husky in him means he sheds a lot of hairs, and by a lot - I mean an ...

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